Show your audience what you do!

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PROJECT NAME 01 / 2014

Description about what you’ve done, with a shitload of good photos.
Go into detail and write about the problem versus the solution.
Get as much testimonials as you can!

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PROJECT NAME 02 / 2013

Not every project fits in the same template.
Be creative and focus on what matters to the visitor.
Use clever copywriting and oh don’t use stereotypical stock images. Is that clear?

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PROJECT NAME 03 / 2012

Your detailed work page has an unique URL.
Share the page wherever you can. From Instagram over LinkedIn to Facebook.
Just do not use the standard ‘share’ icons on your page!

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PROJECT NAME 04 / 2013

Make sure that your client can read about your published project.
Your clients need to give full approval before you publish it.
Remember intellectual property is no joke!

Brandbrand™ is a white label brand canvas that makes a clear statement: there is no such thing as a white label brand canvas. Does a lot of the brandbrand™ stuff look very familiar? That's because building unique brands is all about hard work, with the right partner. White label template work creates ‘blah' brands. At www.glossy.tv, we don't.

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